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i4Series has a vast network of members who come from businesses ranging from start-ups to multi-national companies across various business sectors. Our regular activities include: newsletter and e-blasts about business trends and opportunities, free networking events that build meaningful synergies and Advisory Board meetings where sponsors help shape future i4Series events.
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Whether you seek to safeguard innovative ideas or inventions, look to secure your brand’s identity, or need to otherwise protect your business interests, we at the Kim, Lahey & Killough Law Firm have both the legal and real-world business experience to help achieve your best outcome. We take a client-centric approach toward understanding your needs in order to create customized legal solutions. Headquartered in Greenville, we also have offices in the Lowcountry SC and in Western North Carolina. 

Gina Mewes is a tax resolution specialist based in Greenville, South Carolina. She has settled hundreds of cases for her clients, eliminating more than 8 million dollars in tax liability. Gina works with businesses as a trusted advisor, accountant, bookkeeper, and representative. Her clients are known to have her sole undivided attention.


Time and time again most companies neither have the time nor background to know what tools would unleash their people, products, and potential. A great idea and hardworking people will only get you so far. Our role is to equip you and your company with the tools it needs to optimize day-to-day operations and pave the way for unprecedented growth. In order to accomplish this, we believe it is our sole purpose to educate our clients to see all available choices when it comes to technology. The primary founder of TSVMap™ has over 22 years of IT consulting and development experience.

Future-proof your business through text message marketing, email marketing, social media, news coverage and networking events with INFLUWORKS. We provide fractional marketing and business development, whether you need help with a single project or if you’re looking for monthly services. It’s like having an extension of your company, without the expense of a full-time employee. Ready to learn more? Click here to schedule an introduction.


Upstate SC AllianceThe Upstate SC Alliance‘s mission is to position South Carolina’s 10-county Upstate to excel in the global economy through strategic marketing, collaboration, and thought leadership. We work as a team with our region’s local economic developers, more than 180 investor companies, and the S.C. Department of Commerce to move business forward in the Upstate. Driven by nearly two decades of public-private partnership, the Alliance works to strengthen regional connections among those who share a commitment to building a diverse, prosperous business environment for South Carolina’s 10-county Upstate. As a result, more jobs are created – attracting more new business and building a skilled workforce that helps foster our communities by investing back into them, resulting in an unsurpassed quality of life for our region’s residents.

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Our networking events are free and open to anyone in the business community. We also help promote other events put on by i4 Partners. Click on the calendar section to see what is coming up next.