i4Series helps connect, advise and grow business in South Carolina in a unique and powerful way. It’s next-generation networking. Everyone seeks to build bridges, but the challenge with traditional networking is staying on the same floor, with people from the same industry, company size or type. What if the best move for you is to meet professionals who are two levels up or one level down?  

Imagine connecting with entrepreneurs, owners of small and mid-sized businesses, executives of national and international companies, university leaders and everyone in between. Join the i4Network, where we promote:


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Elite Sponsors

With support from our Elite Sponsors, we’re building elevators, not bridges. i4Series promotes vertical networking across multiple industries and business sectors, putting you on the same floor and in the same room with other professionals who can elevate your business to your next story, no matter in which direction you need to go. Get Involved!

Networking Events

Our networking events are free and open to anyone in the business community. We also help promote other events put on by i4 Partners. Click on the calendar section to see what is coming up next.